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Day of a Hindu Atheist - II

Day of a Hindu Atheist - II

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It was lunch time and Anumesh started his story:

"It was summer 2009. All my friends had joined Karate classes. I begged my mom to get me in one of these classes. She agreed - reluctantly.

It was my first day and I had a huge smile on my face. All my friends were happy to see me too. Then there she was, Prakruti (name changed for obvious reasons). She had already got the Orange belt. On the first day, I had a great time with my friends and was really motivated. I went home as the happiest kid in the whole world.

A month passed by... with all the guts I had left in me, I headed to the sparring ground. If I did well today, I'd be promoted to the Orange Belt. Prakuti had already been promoted to Blue Belt. I thought with hard work and dedication, I could catch up to her very soon. That morning, I had prayed to Ganesh. I had been praying and worshiping Ganesh for about a week now. Surely, I was gonna get the belt.

I had to spar with a girl from another school - Ribina (name changed).

"haha... she's so skinny and short, I'm sure I can take her out in 10 seconds", I thought to myself.

Get Set Go!!

I started with an uppercut. She got hit hard. I blew 3 more uppercuts right on her face.
The girl didn't fall down. She looked angry but what was she gonna do. I was tall and well built. But I was wrong. She kicked me hard right on my neck. For a short girl, that was pretty impressive. The kick was enough, I couldn't get up and I laid there on the ground crying like a little b*tch.

Not only did the people laugh, but my best friends also laughed at my misery. I wept so bad that day. Ganesh had failed me. I went home and didn't go to school for a week.

A week later, the news of me crying like a little b*tch had vanished. I could walk without getting bullied from the people. Even Soorab (name changed) who was the biggest bully in school forgot about the whole incident. I had convinced myself that Ganesh didn't let me win that day cause that was the will of god. Maybe that was not a better time for me to get promoted to Orange Belt.

When I was at home for the past week, I had been praying to Krishna. The God of Love. He even showed up in my dream, He told me in my dream that if I asked my crush out on  a date, she'd agree. What else did I need right?

It was lunch time. I went over the table where Prukriti was eating with her friends. I was wearing my round glasses (that looked gay) and then even unbuttoned 2 top buttons.

"Prukriti, will you go out with me this Saturday? "

"Uh. Who're are you? "

" I am Anumesh, I am the guy in your Karate Class"

"Oh yeah, I remember, you're the guy that cried like a little b*tch, right? "

She had done it, I was triggered. I spoke with the loudest voice. The whole school me,

Everybody laughed.

I changed school 3 weeks later.

Gods. Screw them!! They didn't do anything that I had wished for and that's how I became an atheist. "

Anumesh ended the talk. Then I asked, " But you're a Hindu Atheist. How'd that happen?"

He continued,

" The day when I came back home - I threw away all my statues and lockets. I ripped my janai and flushed it down the toilet. The statues were all broken into a thousand pieces on my floor. Mom heard some noise and came into my room. She looked furious. She called dad immediately and told him to bring a fat stick. I was beaten to a pulp. I said I was sorry ( I was faking it ) and told them I'd believe in Gods again.

The next day I had to wear a new janai. I started putting on tika every day. But it was just for show. I didn't believe in them. And that is how became a Hindu Atheist "

Anumesh ended the conversation saying... "Hinsuism is a way of Living"

Continued in Part III

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