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Black Panther Review

Black Panther Review

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So I just came back from watching Black Panther. As it seems, Marvel never seems to miss.

At first, when I saw 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, I thought the reviewers were just giving it a higher score as it was the all Black star cast superhero movie, but man, I was wrong.

Be warned, this movie is a spoiler review, so if you haven't watched the movie, I suggest that you see the movie first.

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The movie has a very good character development. Kill monger's backstory and motivation was crafted really good. The first act of the movie was kinda your generic first act - setting up the villains and the story line. The second and the third act turned out pretty good and I think that the movie definitely deserves the 98% Score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The first act where the Black Panther fights off the bad guys in the jungle was bad in my opinion. It was dark and I literally could't see anything on the screen. Also, there were some forced comedy in the movie which I don't really like. The movie's song choice was also very good except 1-2 songs. Also, the part where the fat guy gets killed by Kill monger in the waterfall scene was completely unnecessary.

Other than these points, the movie was pretty good. I don't watch movies so often so I don't really know the actors. The fact that Marvel brings in actors that the typical movie goes has never heard of and makes them act so well so just awesome. The action was great. The story was exceptionally good. The movie is pretty inclusive like the Guardians of the Galaxy. No other Avenger makes an entry in the movie except The Winter Soldier in the post credits scene. I highly suggest that you go see the movie pronto.

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