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Best 10 Movies of 2017

Best 10 Movies of 2017

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There were a lot of good movies this year. But from all of those good movies , i'm going to select 10 of them in a non-specific order .This is a personal list so there may be some good movies that may have been excluded as I have not seen them .

  1. The Disaster Artist : James Franco's movie about the making of the movie "The Room" was a masterpiece . James Franco portrays the legendary Tommy Wiseau with near perfect representation of this behavior . The whole scenario is hilarious and extremely fun to watch .
  2. Blade Runner 2049 : The Sequel to the classic si-fi movie Blade Runner is an extremely well directed and acted movie with a solid story line . Ryan Gosling and Harisson Ford do a well job and well the director Dennis Denis Villeneuve . Its a must watch for si-fi as well as movie lovers.
  3. Dunkirk : Christopher Nolan has done it again with this movie being a experience to live thorough . The sound , set and overall feel to the movie feels great . The Struggle at the beach feels real and we can easily sympathize with those trapped in the situation . This movie is poised to bring home some awards .
  4. Get Out : A Horror movie with a unique plot and debut director Jordan Peele at its helm , this movie came out to be a refreshing take on this genre . The director has made his mark on the movie making industry with this movie.
  5. Logan : A spectacular ending to Hugh Jackmam's Wolverine , this movie has a new take on the superhero genre and excels at it . The connection better a father and a daughter and wolverine's mindset is executed with very pleasing results.
  6. Lady Bird : Lady bird is a coming of age movie directed by Greta Gerwig . It shows the mother daughter relationship in it's own unique way and has very strong performance by the actors .
  7. The Big Sick : This movie shows the ethic cultural difference between the east and the west and well as the power of love . Its a fun movie to watch and enjoy with great humor and strong story.
  8. Coco : A Disney-Pixar animated movie about a young boy with dreams and his journey is a soulful and heart touching movie .
  9. Thor Ragnarok : This Marvel movie is a fresh take in the marvel movie series and has great humor and good action . It offers viewers a different feel to the conventional marvel film and is a must watch for the superhero fans
  10. The Shape of Water : This is a weird movie featuring the romance between a water creature and a woman . This Guillermo del Toro directed movie is a nice entry in between the conventional love stories and has good direction as well as acting and the design of the creature is very good.

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