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Minecraft Update Aquatic: Everything we know so far

Minecraft Update Aquatic: Everything we know so far

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This year's Minecon Earth is over and Mojang has announced The Update Aquatic where we are going to be seeing a ton of massive improvements over Minecraft's oceans. The update is expected to be released sometime in early 2018 in all consoles together. If you are running the game on PC, you should expect the snapshots of the updates way early than the official release.

Anyways, here's everything that we know about the update so far:

Coral and Fish 
Tired of dull base at the bottom of the ocean. The update will bring corals that look very colorful and exciting. Not only that, but we will also be seeing fishes swimming about in their habitat. You will also be able to pick up the fishes by using a bucket.

Image result for update aquatic corals

Bubble Columns
These are basically where the bubbles will come from deep ocean. The game will place Magma Blocks at the bottom of the ocean and thus, it will create these bubble columns that go all the way up to the surface of the ocean. It's said that when players are on the surface of the ocean (of these columns), they'll get sucked into the ocean, so better be careful.

Image result for update aquatic shipwrecks

Well... No sharks!  But Dolphins are also expected to arrive with the update. These dolphins are also able to jump out of the ocean like actual dolphins do (cause why not?). These dolphins will help the player find treasures (shipwrecks?)

Image result for update aquatic bubble columns

Ocean Monuments are the thing of the past. Now, you can dive in the ocean searching for these shipwrecks where you will find some cool treasures and loots. Also, as mentioned above, the dolphins are going to guide the player to these shipwrecks.

Ocean terrain
The update also brings another new biome into the Minecraft World. After the update, there will be two types of ocean biome. One will the one that we have right now and the other will be frozen ocean with icebergs and what not.

Image result for terrain update aquatic

A new weapon called trident is set to arrive with the update too. It's basically the combination of a fork and a boomerang as it looks like a big fork and comes back to you after you've shot it (needs enchantment for this feature to work) at a mob. There is also another enchantment that you can add on the trident that will make you go with the trident after it's thrown. This is also the first weapon that is both melee and ranged in the game.

Image result for update aquatic trident

New Water Physics
We all know that the current water physics in Minecraft is  awful and is a pain the ass for most of the players that want to manipulate water bodies. Anyways, the update will  change the water physics of the game. Hopeful it will be a great improvement.

Image result for update aquatic bubble columns

New Mob
After making the community vote for a new mob, THE MONSTER OF THE NIGHT SKIES earned the most votes and will be added in the update. This monster comes to haunt the players who haven't slept in a while.

New Trapdoors and Pressure Plates.
The update is expected to bring Trapdoors and Pressure Plates for all types of woods in the game.

This is what we know about the update so far. This page will be updated when new features are announced.

All Images downloaded form Minecon's LIVE footage !

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