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Justice League Movie Review

Justice League Movie Review

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Released on Nov 17th 2017, Justice League is another installment to the DC Extended Universe. Similar to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, this movie has been a tug of war between the critics and the movie fans.

Scored 40% at the time of writing this post, the movie sure is better than BVS and Suicide Squad although it only opened to $96 million this weekend which is way lower than the expected $120 million mark (and less than all the DCEU movies). Facts aside, here's what I thought about the movie:

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The plot is pretty simple. After Superman's death, the Earth is more vulnerable than ever. Bruce Wayne along with Diana Price are on a mission to assemble a team of "super" people with "special" abilities. A bad guy by the name of Stephen Wolf shows up in search of Mother Boxes which are powerful boxes? (kinda like the infinity stones of MCU)

After assembling the team (Justice League), they go up against Stephen Wolf but come to a conclusion that they need superman. After having a small debate about ethics about bringing a dead man back to life, the team decides to revive superman from the dead by using one of the mother boxes. And after this, the movie pretty much goes to shit in my opinion. I know that Superman is one of the most powerful comic book character there is and it does make sense that Superman is really  OP in the movie but I feel like there are no stakes. Even the other characters of the team like Wonder Woman and Aqua man are too OP which makes us think that they're invincible.

The first act of the movie is pretty good as it shows some character development of the team and how Bruce Wayne goes around assembling the team. I felt like they didn't really focus on Aqua man as compared top other members of the team (about 50 minutes of the movie was cut during the editing process). Cyborg's and Flash's character development is pretty good. The flash kinda gives off the vibe of Tom Holland's Spider-man. Cyborg is pretty bad ass in the movie. And Superman is only in the movie for like the last 15 minutes. For some reason, the movie somehow felt like Suicide Squad to me as the members of the group are strangers (except Batman and Wonder Woman) and are in the team just to save the world (not saying that it's a bad thing). The action is pretty good as well and the story is decent too. (with some plot holes of course). Some of the comedic scenes were actually funny.

Moving on to the bad things: The villain. He feels like one of those forgettable villains and his voice was kinda irritating and I wouldn't have understood a word he said if the theater I went to hadn't added subtitles. I also think that 50% of those slow-mo shots were out of place and not really needed. I don't have any complaints about the CGI of the movie (except Henry's weird mustache thingy). The movie wasn't too dark color-ish like BVS and Suicide Squad. The scenes in cities and other places were colorful but when the movie moved to battle sequences in the last act, there were just too many explosions and darkness everywhere. Given that Batman's outfit is dark, I couldn't see where he was in those fight sequences (final act).

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I would give this movie a 6/10 but since I am Marvel fanb0i, I am gonna deduct one point and give this movie a 5/10... just kidding... it's definitely a 6/10 and I would definitely recommend that you watch this movie cause it's not bad as the critics have mentioned. And you'd love to watch it more than once if you're into comics. 

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