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Anumesh Pondoi (name changed) wakes up at 4:30 in the morning. Since his classes start at 6:15, he quickly goes to the bathroom to conduct his business. He's got a Atheist logo poster right on the biggest wall space along with other posters related to video games. At around 5:30 AM, he reads the "Hanuman Chalisa" and reads a page from the Vhagvhat Geeta. His mom calls him for breakfast and after he's done, he heads to his college. 

As you might have already guessed, Anumesh is a Hindu Atheist. 

And what is a Hindu Atheist you might ask? 

It's basically your common atheist who doesn't believe in god but is also a Hindu.

Confusing right? 

Well, that's how Anumesh's day goes like in the college - confusing. Among his fellow classmates, he is known as the rebel, the atheist, the non-believer, capitalist, noob, etc. Since a lot of his classmates are Hindu, they often debate with Anumesh, on why he should believe in god. He disagrees, he doesn't believe in any god whatsoever. At the end of the debate he says, "I am an Hindu Atheist." All his classmates get confused. "uh.. what? " says one of them.

"Hinduism is a way of living"

"HiNdUiSm Is A wAy Of LiViNg"

All his classmates burst in laughter. 

I joined the college in 3rd semester from another college. Anumesh became my seat partner, as the college department required us to sit according to our roll numbers (even in Bachelors). I had to make some friends so I started to make conversation with him. 

We talked about our interests, and as it turns out we both had common interests like playing DotA, Photoshop, Comic Book movies and of course Atheism. 

"Cool" I thought. This guy and I have a lot of common interests. 

I started making fun of Hinduism and that's when shit started happening. He got up and shouted, for the whole class to hear "Hinduism is way of living, you fucking twat"... 

"Not again" I could hear the whole class say in their heads.
A girl behind me rolled her eyes too. 

Anumesh with tears rolling down his cheeks got out of the class. 

At lunch, I caught up with him.. and asked him what the matter was and then Anumesh began - 

To be continued in Part II ...

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