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Country Review : Nepal

Country Review : Nepal

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Nepal is a small Himalayan country stuck between two giant nations India and China . This is an exclusive review about the country.

Name : Nepal
Nationality : Nepali
Majority Language : Nepali
Capital : Kathmandu

As a traveler, I have traveled many places and Nepal was one in my top ten list . Of the many countries I have visited Nepal was an "out of the box" country.

My Journey started when I entered the country through Birgunj-Raxaul border point. Just when I crossed the border point the driver said , "Nepal aagaya Launde" . As I did not understand the native language, I took it as a welcome gesture. The driver took me to a decent hotel where I stayed the night and prepared my journey to my first destination - "Kathmandu".

The Next day I booked a ride and headed for the capital. During my ride I met many interesting people . The cab driver was from the next district and explained how he worked in Saudi and Qatar in the construction sector and how he lost his job due to the Saudi conspirators . The ride was long and bumpy. The guy next to me was oddly flexible and friendly as when there was a bump in the road he used to throw his body towards me and during a few instances his purse dropped in the cab floor near my leg and he put his face near my thigh .

When i reached Kathmandu , I quickly searched for a hotel and started to explore the city . The dust filled city had a mix of history and failing infrastructure . The dust filled roads , the crowded buses and the annoying traffic , the trip started with some irritation but I reached the inner history of the city , it was a new world . I left KTM happy and headed to Pokhara .

Pokhara was a touristy place ,  you could see lots of foreigners , lots of hotels and lots of booming tourist businesses . I did a few days of trekking in the Annapurna region of Nepal and headed for Chitwan . Then I went to the western districts of Nepal and did some social work and then exited the country through TIA in Kathmandu .

It was a mixed journey the country has its ups a downs but overall it was great trip . I would highly recommend people to go and visit.

Rating : 4 out of 5  

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