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Exclusive Interview with the BeerBoi

Exclusive Interview with the BeerBoi

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BeerBoi is a boy who drinks beer. Although, rumors suggest that he started drinking it due to peer pressure, he completely denies the statement and claims that it was his choice. 

I had a chance to catch up with the BeerBoi himself and he accepted the offer for an interview. Enjoy.

Where did you drink your first beer and when? 
I drank my first beer at my hostel and it was around April.

Was it a special occasion? 
Yes of course my man. It was mah boy's birthday partaaayyyy! We ended having an awesome sausage fest, if you know what I mean *winks*

What were the first words you said after you had the first sip? 
"It tastes bad" 

How many times have you had beer? 
3 times to be precise. 

Have you ever gotten drunk after drinking beer?
Nah fam. Never.

So Did you like the taste of beer?
No. It was worse than cow urine.

Then why did you drink it the second and third time? 
One of my homeboys got an iPhone and got some beers so I thought to myself ''why the fuck not?''.
The third time was after a Biology exam. PS. Biology Sucks! 

So, is it peer pressure that drove you to drinking beer? 
Oh Hell No Bitch. I make my own choices. Plus, I am immune to peer pressure.

Do you think you'll drink beer again?
I don't know. I'll just go where the life takes me. 

Do your parents know that you drink beer?
No they don't man. If they did, they'd kill me.

What is your message to the people who haven't drank beer yet? 
"Try it for the experience" 

Anything else you wanna say to me regarding beer? 
I think I'm allergic to beer.


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