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Spider-Man Comic Covers from 1964

Spider-Man Comic Covers from 1964

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Spider-Man is one of the most beloved comic book character. He made his first debut in the Amazing Fantasy all the way back in 1963. It’s already been about 53 years since the web swinger made his first appearance.
In this post, we will be looking at the comic book covers of Spider-Man from 1964.

You can find the Spider-Man Comic Covers from 1963 here . 

The Amazing Spider-Man (Jan 8)
This is basically the first issue of Spider-Man from the year 1964. It features the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four Team.

The Amazing Spider-Man (Feb 9)
This issue marked the first appearance of Electro in the Marvel Comic Universe.

The Amazing Spider-Man (Mar 10)

The Amazing Spider-Man (Apr 11)
Classic Spider-Man villain, Dr.Octopus returns in this comic to kick the hell out of our friend neighbor. 

The Amazing Spider-Man 

The Amazing Spider-Man (June 13)
Mysterio returns again to bash with Spider-Man in this issue.

 The Amazing Spider-Man (July 14)

The Amazing Spider-Man (Aug 15)
Jungle Man, Kraven comes to New York and fights the web head.

The Amazing Spider-Man (Sep 16)
In this issue, Daredevil makes his appearance. Note the old costume of Daredevil. 

The Amazing Spider-Man (Annual)
The sinister six team up to face their common enemy in this amazing issue.

The Amazing Spider-Man (Oct 7)
The human torch makes a lot of appearance in the early Spider-Man comics as you can see. 

The Amazing Spider-Man (Nov 18)

The Amazing Spider-Man (Dec 19)

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