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10 Expansions we want in Sims4

10 Expansions we want in Sims4

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It's almost 3 years after Sims 4 was released back in 2014. Up until writing this piece, 3 expansion packs have been released for the game so far. Sims 3 had a lot of expansion packs and EA has promised us a whole lot of expansion packs for Sims 4 as well.

In this post, we shall look at 10 expansion packs we really need in Sims 4 ASAP.

Sims 4: University Life
Almost everybody loved the university expansion in Sims 2 and Sims 3 and a lot of fans are eagerly waiting for this expansion pack to arrive. I still remember playing Sims 2: University Life back in the day almost all the time. It wa the only expansion pack that I actually played when I had Sims 2. The expansion could add a new university world like they did in Sims 3 or add 3 different universities like we saw in Sims 2. This expansion pack could also add feature to build your own university or a small elementary school or highschool in our world. Sims in the university could have a feature to do part time job and join various clubs and what not in this expansion. Fans in the Sims 4 community have already built a College Mod and it'd be great so see an official expansion from EA soon.

Sims 4: Pets
A lot of fans want "Sims 4 pets" if you go into any Sims 4 related discussing group or in any fan pages and ask the players. Pets would really be a very good addition to the game as we've seen in the past games. Also similar to owning a store and restaurant in Sims 4, EA could add a new feature to run your own Pet shop in the world. They could add in new careers such as Pet Detective(Ace Ventura, anyone?), Animal Rights Advocate among others. They could also add in new skill set such as Animal Whisperer, and others that I think of at the moment.
EA could really blow our minds by adding a whole new kinds of pets and a pet room stuff in the expansion. Another cool idea would be being able to pet wild animals in Sims 4. Only time will tell. 

Sims 4: Supernatural
I know that EA has already released the Vampire Game Pack that let us do some Vampire related stuff and new objects in the game but it'd be really cool if they released a lot more supernatural characters in the game like in Sims 3 such as Werewolves, Fairy, Witches, Zombies, etc.
Similar to the ideas that I've mentioned, they could add new careers such as Witch Hunters, or something like these in the game. They could also add in new supernatural characters that would be the result of two different kind of supernaturals "woohoo-ing".  

Sims 4: Generations
A lot of time or everytime when I'm playing the Sims, I always disable auto ageing cause auto ageing just feels so fast to me. Also, I never really liked the idea of going old of a sudden after the adult stage in the game. The developers could really add in tons of new life stages in the game, ok! not tons of life stages but add some more into the mix. They could also let us select some traits for our Sims after they reach a new life stage. 

Sims 4: Seasons
Just like the previous games, Sims 4: Seasons could have new seasons that'll change accordingly in all the worlds in Sims 4. I have a strong feeling that they're gonna create different worlds for different seasons which would kinda suck. They could also add some new clothes and objects in the game. 
Snowboarding like in Sims 3 could be introduced again too.  

Sims 4: World Adventures
As the name suggests, this expansion could be really great and BIG as it'd probably add a lot of new worlds into the game. Not only that, it'd also add more clothes and objects into the game. They could also add in a new careers (Travel Blogger maybe) and traits (different languages) and host of other skill set into the game.  

Sims 4: Future Living
In this expansion, they could add a lot of items and clothing that will be related into the future. I'm thinking of cool new electronic gadgets being added into the game and flying cars,etc. They could also add new tools in build mode that would help us create a lot of cool looking futuristic homes.  

Sims 4: Cars Expansion 
A lot of Sims 4 players are demanding Cars to be put into the game. This feature used to be a regular in the previous games, but for some reason EA decided to ditch it. Probably to earn some cash by releasing another DLC that add cars. This expansion could do just that and add some cars into the game. They could add a lot of other vehicles in the game and new careers such as race car driver, pilot, etc. 

Sims 4: Castaway
Sims 2 Castaway was the first SIms game that I had played. It had a story oriented gameplay along with free play option. Similar to Sims 2: Castaway, they could add in the story oriented expansion pack in Sims 4. They could do it in a haunted house or an island. 

Sims 4: World Creator and Terrain Editor
Not really an expansion but EA could add these new features into the game in the updates. Being able to create simple world in the game could really add a lot of fun in the game and be a really fun experience for the players. And with the terrain editor, builders in the game could build really cool houses in the game. 

What are some expansion packs and features that you'd like to see in Sims 4. Lets us know in the comments below and we shall add it in the list above. Peace oot. 

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