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My DotA2 Hero Set collection [March 2017]

My DotA2 Hero Set collection [March 2017]

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I've been playing DotA2 for about a year now. And along the time, I've collected 13 full hero sets up to writing this (April 7th 2017) post. 

Below are the screenshots of the sets that I've got in alphabetical order.

Note that I've not purchased any of the sets below. I've either got them after a drop in a match or through the dark moon event. 

Bounty Hunter

I got this set after rolling the wheel in the dark moon event. 


As apparent from the shots above, I actually have 3 sets from Clinkz. I don't really play this hero often and I'm open to trade 2 sets, so you've got some offer, comment below. 
I got 2 sets from the dark moon event and 1 from a drop just yesterday (6th April 2017)

Death Prophet

Another set that I got from the dark moon event.

Legion Commander

So I was watching a match and I said that I really loved this set (one of the players was using this set). And someone (who is now a friend in my Steam account) just gifted it to me. 


Yet another set that I got from the Dark Moon event.


Yes, again another set that I got from the Dark Moon event.


"Got from Dark Moon Event?" 
"yes sir! "


Pudge is one of the heroes that I'm really noob at and don't really play with this hero, but I got this cool (extremely rare) set after a drop.


This is the my first ever full hero set from DotA2 which I got after a drop.

Skywrath Mage

YUP! Dark Moon Event!

Witch Doctor

Got this from the Dark Moon event too.

Most of the sets are from the Dark Moon event. I hope they really bring another event just like it next year. 

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