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The best website on the internet right now, has bought a new domain from GoDaddy.

Aviyan Khadka, the Chairman of MeisterNator Systems, parent company of Corrigedum said in a press release "The decision came after the traffic was going good for the site. There were a lot of unique visitors from all around the world."

He further expressed that the decision to buy the domain would increase the ad revenue of the website. The website hasn't added any ads from Google Adsense but has ads showing up from other third party ad agencies such as Chitika.

Blake Irving, the CEO of GoDaddy was seen with a happiest face we have ever seen in a while.

"We are pleased to announce that Corrigedum has chosen us to buy the domain from. We are also honored to have a such a big MEDIA company partnering up with us. We hope to see more deals with MN Systems in the future."

The website which has a wide range of content from the World, Politics, USA, Movies, Comics, TV Series, Technology, etc has been a  massive success thanks to it's quality content and free from biasness.

"The website is up and running. If you run the site, it'll redirect you to the old site. In the upcoming weeks that won't happen and we will officially be live", Aakash Raj Dahal, CEO of MN Systems told the press.

Which is your favorite category on the website? Do let us know in the comments below! 

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