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Spider-Man Comic Covers from 1963

Spider-Man Comic Covers from 1963

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Spider-Man is one of the most beloved comic book character. He made his first debut in the Amazing Fantasy all the way back in 1963. It’s already been about 53 years since the web swinger made his first appearance.
In this post, we will be looking at the comic book covers of Spider-man from 1963.

Amazing Fantasy (Aug 15)
This is the first time ever that Spider-man made his appearance. This issue basically has a small origin story attached to it.

The Amazing Spider-man (Mar 1)
This the first issue after Spider-man got his own title. In this issue, he meets the Fantastic Four. Read the comic to find out what happens. 

The Amazing Spider-man (May 2)
In this issue, Spider-man's earliest villains, Vulture shows up. 

The Amazing Spider-man (Jul 3).
The first issue where Doctor Octopus makes his appearance to fight off the Spider-man.

The Amazing Spider-man (Sep 4)
Sand Man makes his first ever appearance in Spider-man comics.

The Amazing Spider-man (Oct 5)
Dr. Doom, one of the best villains of Marvel comics and the arch nemesis of
Fantastic Four shows up in Spider-man's title

The Amazing Spider-man (Nov 6)
In this issue, the lizard makes his appearance.

The Amazing Spider-man (Dec 7)
The vulture comes back for more action after Spider-man beats him up last time.

These were all the Spider-man comics that were published in the year 1963. Please comment if you'd like to more posts like these. Thanks

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