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Most Essential mods for Cities Skylines [2018]

Most Essential mods for Cities Skylines [2018]

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Cities Skylines is one of the best city simulation game developed by Colossal Order in 2013. It has a massive fan following and is considered the best city simulation game thanks to its integration with the steam workshop and lots of assets. The game literally has thousands of mods and various assets to improve the game. Here are some top and the most essential mods that every Cities Skylines player should have. (All the mods mentioned here are free and can be downloaded from the steam workshop)

All 25 spaces unlockable
The vanilla game will allow you to buy up to 8 more tiles on the map if you’d like to expand your city. This mod, however takes it to the next step. You’ll be able to purchase 25 tiles in the map making your city really large. You won’t really need a beefy computer to run this mod.

81 Tiles
Now this is for the people who want to create a really HUGE city. If you really have a super gaming rig, you can get this mod and buy all the 81 tiles in the game. You could literally make a BIG ass city.

 Don’t Crash
Update: This mod has been integrated with the vanilla game so you do not need to download this mod.
This mod is useful for those of you who like to install a lot of mods and assets. Mods can be incompatible with each other and can crash your game before it even begins. This will result in you checking each and every mod to fix the problem. This mod will help you to speed up the process of going to the main menu. Not only that, as the name suggests, it also stop crashing the game caused by the game loading into the main menu.

Unlimited Trees Mod
The vanilla game has a tree limit and hence you’ll not be able to add a large amount of tree in the game if you have a really large map. This mod will let you add more trees in the game. Although the mod says ‘unlimited’, it increases the tree limit to 2 million which is more than enough.

Network Extensions Project
Update: Network Extensions 2 has been released which is the one that gets updated.
While the vanilla game already has a decent amount of roads, this mod takes it further and adds more road styles such as 2-lane highways, ¾ lane one way roads, etc. Besides that, it also allows you to change the look and feel of your roads so that each district can have different looking roads.

Advanced Vehicle Options
This mod basically allows you to enable and disable each vehicle individually which is great for customizing. It also has an option to clear all vehicles in case you get those lags and want to test your new intersections and such.

Citizen Lifecycle Rebalance 
This mod is pretty useful in a lot of ways. It changes travel probability of the citizens based on age group and wealth level. It staggers the age of the citizens preventing large death waves. It's pretty much for backend stuff that really optimizes your city. 

Precision Engineering
This mod adds angle snapping and guidelines when building the roads in the game. Really useful if you like to design your own intersections and cool looking highways.

Extra Landscaping Tools
You can’t really go ahead and edit the maps in game while you’re in the vanilla game. This mod changes that, it gives you landscaping tools in game so that you can terraform your city whenever you like. It also adds in other tools such as water tool, natural resources painting and time saving Tree brush.

 Sharp Junction Angles
Update: This mod has been abandoned and been replaced by Fine Road Anarchy Mod.
This mod will allow you to make smaller junction angles adding more realism to your roads in the city. It also removes some road replacement restrictions.

Fine Road Tool
Another road related mod in this list, this will allow you to have configurable elevation steps adding the more realism to the roads. This mod also helps you to swap between the road types. That means that you can add bridges even when there’s no water source, or making sunken highways the easier way.

Automatic Bulldoze
Sometimes when you’re playing the game, the citizens abandon their buildings, or if you do one tiny mistake by not making a fire station or don’t balance out the RICO, the building will get abandoned. It will be a pain the ass when you have to bulldoze each and every building. So this mod makes it easier by automatically bulldozing the abandoned and the burned out buildings.

Traffic Manager: President Edition
This mod might be obsolete after the new Mass Transit extension comes out but until then this mod will help you to manage traffic in your city. If you have a lot of road problems or really want to optimize and make your roads work efficiently, then this mod is the right tool for you.  

Improved Public Transport 2
This mod gives more options to you if you want to customize your public transportation.

Alternatively you can also try the Transport Lines Manager Reborn.

Search Box Mod
Update: A new mod called "FindIt" has been released which is vastly superior compared to this mod and is available on the workshop. 
Get Find It here.
If you have thousands of assets and props in your game, it’s gonna take a lot of time for you to find that cool asset you downloaded from the workshop. This mod, as the name suggests will help you to search for those assets and props easily.

Loading Screen Mod [test]
This mod is still in the testing phase but already a lot of good reviews have come for this mod. You see, when you have thousands of assets and props and run many mods in your game; the game will eventually take a lot of time to load up. This mod helps you to load the game much faster. Many users reported that this mod helped them to load up their game tremendously, like 2-3 times faster. So you’ll definitely need this mod if you have subscribed to a lot of mods and assets.

Dynamic Resolution
This mod makes your game look much nicer and fancier. Need I say more?

 Move It mod
Another latest mod that became popular overnight, this mod allows you to move the roads after accessing their nodes, move buildings, props and just about anything in the game. Creative players have used this mod to combine different buildings and make larger and cool looking buildings. You’ll definitely need this mod if you are into heavy designing.

Network Skins
This mod allows you to change the look of your roads (along with trees, pillars and street lights)

No Pillars
This mod allows you to add roads without those pillars. 

CSL Map View
This mod allows you to export a map of your cities road and transit network giving you more insight of your city. 

Prop (and Tree) Anarchy
This mod will allow you to place the trees and props anywhere you like including inside the building’s footprint. So you’ll be able to design custom schools, areas, etc. using your creativity.

Prop line tool
Some props in the game will take a lot of time to place. Say for example, you want to add a fence prop to a school building. Doing this will take you tons of time as you’ll have to place every fence over and over again until you’ve surrounded the building. This tool will make that job much faster. It’s just like drawing a line in MS Paint or like drawing a road in the game.

More Beautification Mod
It allows you to draw props in the game. Happy designing.

Surface Painter
This mod will help you to paint the map as you like. For example, cement, grass, sand, etc.

Ploppable RICO mod
This mod simply allows you to place any of the RICO buildings in the game whenever and where ever you like. If you're really into designing your city with your own chosen buildings, this mod is the one for you. It also allows you to set properties to downloaded assets and much more. 

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