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Donald's America

Donald's America

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On January 20 , 2017, Donald Trump was officially declared the president of the United States of America . The was happiness and sadness all throughout the country . He had an extremely controversial campaign consisting of racial divide , global crisis and unorthodox statements . Early on on the campaign , most of the polls showed Hillary winning but in the end , Trump came out of nowhere are won .
      Currently , the Trump administration is a mess . The travel ban was controversial and extremely divisive. The crazy nuclear threat. The cabinet is full of business interest's and crazy republicans. The white houses press secretary is a clown . The Trump administration can't stop piling lies after lies . Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's cozy relation with Russia . The newly introduced Healthcare bill which is really bad and some republican's think its Obamacare lite .

                      This administration seems like a slope downwards to American destruction in home and abroad . With a president like Trump , his actions are completely unpredictable . His thin skin makes him extremely vulnerable . He might order a nuclear warhead if someone call's him a little baby . He doesn't have any diplomatic skills and most of his diplomacy happens on twitter .
              America right now is very vulnerable . It's under a attack from all sides . The american middle class with disappear . If the republicans have their way , there will only be two sections in society , rich and poor and america isn't kind to the poor . The conservative way is to make it on your own , no handouts and free stuff , everything you have , it has to be earned . These 4 years will be the death of the middle class if the opposition doesn't do anything about it .
       One of america's most debated topic is healthcare , with the new health care plan that's rolling out 20 mil american's are gonna loose healthcare and it gives tax cuts to the rich insurance company bosses . Some republican's are even calling this Obamacare lite and want more tax cuts and benefit for the rich people . This healthcare plan is fully supported by Trump and most of the republicans and has a real possibility of passing through.

     Trump's delusional comments on phone tapping are another signal to the american people about Trump's agenda . He is always looking for someone to blame . The only path trump will lead to is destrucation .

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