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Doga #341: Doga my Brother , Classic Comic Reviews

Doga #341: Doga my Brother , Classic Comic Reviews

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This article was written by Aviyan Khadka. The error in author names is due to migration from Wordpress to Blogger. Thanks
Doga is a fictional character, an Indian comic book superhero character who appears in Raj comics .
In this issue of the comic , inspector Surya is having an identity crisis as everyone around him thinks that he is the vigilante Doga who runs around in his purple suit carrying heavy artillery and killing the criminals without any remorse .

The issue begins with inspector Surya getting a call from reporter Binaya Kawatra who informs him that illegal weapons are going to be sold at the Brilliant-B night club . Surya takes a team of police officers and raids the night club and finds out the hugh illegal weapons stash in the basement . Surya arrests the criminals and when he goes up to the floor , he finds out that the inspectors sister was in the club and the receptionist is a pointing a gun at her . A shootout occurs at the bar and a dancer named juli dies at the hands of  reporter Binaya Kawatra  who shot the criminal but the criminal dodged and the dance died . The reporter Binaya Kawatra gets arrested for this and goes to jail  . The criminals run away in a get away car but suddenly , on the roof of the car  a man comes out of nowhere and starts to shoot at the car in front of him , killing some of the criminals . The back car crashes and the criminals get out . A man in a blue suit carrying a rocket launcher stands in from of them and fires .
Inspector surya’s sister who is nearby starts acting weird and starts to call Doga her brother and thinks the inspector is inside the mask . Doga calls her irrational and leaves before the police arrive . After some time inspector surya comes to take his sister home and her sister starts to claim that he is Doga but Surya calls Doga a criminal and says he will arrest him on the stop when he finds him  .
The Mob boss is stressing over the  destroyed weapons while the inspector goes to the reporter’s home to break the news that their son has been arrested for murder , the parents are devastated especially the reporters sister .

Tomorrow in the police station Inspector surya gets a call from someone named “Madhumakkhi” who tells them that belts with bomb in them are being exported . Surya rushes to the ship yard and sees belts being unloaded . After searching all the boxes , he finally finds the bomb belts and confronts the dealer but the dealer fights the inspector and puts the belt in his chest and tell him that the bomb will go off if there is a  change in pressure(it will go off if he starts running) . Surya doesn’t care and is about to run when Doga catches him with a rope and ties it in a nearby pole.
Doga with the help of his Dog army catches the dealer and kills him on the spot . Inspector surya on the other hand gets free and points a gun at Doga’s head . Doga’s dog jumps and grabs the gun while doga escapes down the sewers but the inspector still follows him and they have an epic fight where the inspector gets slammed down but Doga carries him and takes him to the surface and also removes him bomb belt .
Inspectors Surya’s sister Kiran on the other hand is collecting evidence to prove that doga is inspector surya and is snooping around the house when she finds a box which has Doga’s clothes in them . Kiran looks at them closely and then she puts them in his closet as she hears him arriving . Inspector surya looks at the closet  and looks shocked as he sees the doga outfit . Kiran tells him that it is his and he is doga . “Madhumakki” is filming this entire conversation from the outside of surya’s house . Surya on the other hand goes to his garage and finds that a bunch of dogs are there and they act as if they know him and they bring him a gun . Kiran is convinced that her brother is doga . To prove kiran that he is not doga , he wears the outfit to tell her that it doesn’t fit well but kiran is not convinced . All of this is being filmed by an unkown person named “Madhumakki” and “Madhumakki”gives this footage to the mob boss .

The mob abducts kiran but during the way doga stops the car and she is told to go home and be safe but one the criminal is not dead and sprays her with fainting gas .
A man tells inspector surya to get in the car because they have her sister . Surya is taken to a undisclosed place and he sees his Doga footage . This makes him think that this is all his sisters work to bring the Doga side in him . But he finds out that kiran is actually captured and tied to a pole and surya also has to surrender . Surya is forcefully taken to hang but when the rope is released  , a bullet from nowhere comes and shoots the rope , making surya fall to the ground . Doga comes out of the shadows and starts shooting at everybody . A massive shootout occurs . Doga wraps the mob boss in electric wire and electrocutes him  .
Madhumakki tries to run away but Doga catches her and unmasks her . She is no other that reporter Binaya Kawatra’s sister trying to take revenge on inspector surya  . Inspector surya during this confrontation tries to arrest doga but suddenly kiran faints which gives doga an opportunity to escape . Surya runs after him while  Madhumakki burns all the tapes of inspector Surya as Doga .

This issue has a pretty good story with inspector surya as the main character and his difficulty in dealing with Doga  . Doga is seen as a man outside the law willing to do anything to prevent crime and the mystery of his identity makes the reader wanna search for more clues . Though the villian may not be as strong but the overall story is pretty good and introduction of the character of “Madhumakki” is done very well . The art and coloring of the comic is good a

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