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All Old Man Logan comic covers

All Old Man Logan comic covers

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With all the hype surrounding the new Wolverine movie aka Logan, we thought we’d share the comic covers from the Old Man Logan mini series that the movie was inspired form. The comic is very different from the movie that came out. In the comic, in a post-apocalyptic world, most of the Marvel superheroes are dead and Logan is living a simple life. When the Hulk Gang threatens to kill his family if he doesn’t pay up, he goes on a mission with Hawkeye to deliver an important briefcase and earn some cash. Read the comics to find out what happens.

Here are the comic covers from the 8-part series.

The first issue give the background of Logan, his family and how most of the superheroes are dead.

In the second issue, Hawkeye shows up with his offer

The last issue was a GIANT-SUPER special. 

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