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Man has always dreamt of flying.When we see birds in the sky we want to fly like them. Flight associates freedom. From the prehistoric time the people with creative minds have designed  things that they thought were flying machines . The legendary Leonardo da Vinci has designed flying machines but there were never put to the test.

 A breakthrough came in aircraft dynamic when Georgy Cayley flew a simple mechanical aircraft in 1853 . Before that people experimented with winged flaps for flight and other conventional methods which were similar to birds . Due to cayley's breakthrough he is known as the parent of modern aviation .


Similarly , otto lienthel experimented with many gliders and is also know as the glider man. A big breakthrough came when two brothers , Oliver and Wilber Wright flew a piston prop plane maned aircraft in 1903.  Their flight lasted for 12 seconds and made a mark on humanity. They made people realize that  nothing is impossible and humans have the capacity to reach for the stars .

There as heavy advancements in aircraft design and development during world war 1 and world war 2 . Planes similar to cessna aircraft were used as fighter jets during WW1 and different gas powered engines for fighter jets were used in WW2 . During the aftermath of WW2 , the era of modern aviation had began .

Large commercial flights had started operating between different countries and aircraft capable of supersonic speed had been developed . The Cold war had led to many advancements in rocket and missile technology . The saturn V rocket which was used to get the man on the moon , the Soyuz spacecraft  and different ICBM's with ranges all over the world were developed in this time.

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