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5 Technology Trends of 2017

5 Technology Trends of 2017

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Every year, we see new trends in the technology scene. Be it faster computers, a revolutionary new device or a new discovery. In this post, we shall discuss some technology trends that you should expect to see in 2017.

1.    AR (Augmented Reality)
With the rise of Pok√©mon Go last year, the world got to know how cool and awesome AR really is. Although AR is an invention that’s already old, it has grabbed the attention of the general public. Expect to see a lot of new cool apps implementing this AR technology including games, maps, etc.

2.    VR (Virtual Reality)
Virtual Reality is cool. Don’t believe me? Ask any person who has ever used a VR headset. Past year, a lot of vendors manufactured VR headsets. Although, most of them were expensive, people still bought it.
The Chinese companies will probably make VR headsets that will be affordable for an average person. There aren’t really many games and video content right now if you have a VR headset.  2017 will also be the year when most of the new VR content will be made.

3.    Chatbots
Siri, Google Now, Cortana have found their respective places in their own mobile platforms. Google Assistant, released a couple months back was a really cool chatbot and it blew a lot of people away. With all the huge data that we’ve accumulated over the years, chatbots can be made more vibrant, real life like and fun to talk to. We should expect some BIG companies adding their own chatbots into their products such as Facebook, Amazon and what not.

4.    IoT (Internet of Things)
Internet of Things has been a hot topic for the past couple of years. 2017 will also be the year when most the ioT related devices and products will be cheat (as with any product in the technology scene). The rise of ioT in the lives of common people will certainly be really cool to see.

5.    Decline of Apps
Apps have taken the world by storm. Even a simple game has millions of downloads and every company out there is busy trying to get their app on the market. Even your local restaurant has an app in the works.
But I think there will be decline in apps. It’s not possible to have every app in your phone. And with every product out there who are ditching their websites and focusing more their apps, it’ll be a pain in the ass to just open the apps instead of going to the website. Every news website, TV provider, and your smelly uncle have an app.
I think the world will slowly move towards universal app that will have features of many apps in a single app. Get it? 

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