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3 Theories that the Multiverse exists

3 Theories that the Multiverse exists

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The Multiverse is basically an idea that there are multiple universes. Popularized by many popular TV shows and Movies such as The Flash, Dr. Strange, back to the Future series, this theory might sound bizarre and stupid to some, but there’s a very good science behind it. There are many theories that have pointed to the fact that the Multiverse may actually exist. Here, we look at some of those theories.

1.    The Many Worlds Theory
This theory states that there are infinite universes along the space-time. Since there are only a limited number of ways in which the particle in the universe can be arranged, the particles must have started repeating somewhere. Since most scientists believe that the space-time is infinite, we can conclude that there are an infinite number of universes where everything you can imagine has happened an infinite amount of times. That means that there are infinite number of versions of you reading this article right now, there are infinite number of universes where you’re Spiderman, infinite number of universes where you don’t even exist and infinite number of universes where you’re a Hollywood star. What this also means is that everything that has ever happened, happening now and will ever happen has already happened an infinite number of times.
If this theory is proved, it will also mean that we have no free will. Say for example, you decided to go bald, but there are already infinite universes where you’re already bald. Humans might not feel so unique because everything that you decide to do will already have happened an infinite number of times. This would really hurt the human ego.

2.    Daughter Universes
2 minutes ago, you decided to read this article. But in another universe you decided not to, instead you went to the bathroom where you slipped and fell. And then you died.  
When you decided to read this article, two new universes were created, one where you read this article and the other where you don’t read this article. The Daughter Universe theory says that new universes are spawned with every new decision and action. There’ll be an exponential amount of growth in the number of universes with each decision and action that you make. Since there are more than 7 billion people on the planet and that they make many decisions throughout a day, an infinite number of new universes are created every day and there’s no stopping to it. I’d recommend you to watch “Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earth” if you want to dive deep to understand this theory much better.

3.    Simulation Theory
With the advancement of science and technology, using computers, we’ve been able to able to simulate small things. There are games like Flight Simulator, Truck Simulator, City Simulator and what not. Imagine that with new technology being developed every day, we could actually simulate humans or a universe in the long run. The simulation theory put forward by Nick Bostrom suggests that we are actually a part of a digital simulation run by an advanced alien species or by our own future generations. According to Bostrom’s concept, it takes 10 to the power 36th calculations to create a lifelike, detailed replica of the entire human history. Now while that may sound like a lot for now, we might be able to perform it in the near future. We could run simulations to find out what went wrong in the past, or to run hypothetical situations such as: If Hitler never rose to power, If the atomic bombs were never been dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities, etc. So if this theory is true, our world might be one of many simulations that has been simulated by future generations. We might just be tiny computer codes in a computer of the future or a kid’s science fair project. Who knows?  What’s even weirder is that those future generations that have been simulating us could also be a part of another simulation and so on.

There are other concepts such as Bubble Universe Theory, Parallel Universe theory, Mathematical Principle theory that have suggested that we could be living in a multiverse. In the past, many theories that have suggested to a similar outcome have always been proved true, so we might be living in a multiverse.   

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