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Syria and the flower pot

Syria and the flower pot

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It was a bright and beautiful Saturday in Kathmandu . Syria , a 17 or 18 year old dude was sitting in the room and with earphones on , listing to the latest Taylor swift song . Syria was quite fit and had a decent height . He was from the ancient Newari clan of the lalitpur district in Kathmandu Valley . Every saturday , he used to hang out with his long time girlfriend  Bulgaria  but in recent days he was having doubts about his relationship . As he was listening to "blank space" and wondering about his relationship status , the phone suddenly rings - its bulga . Syria  checks the time - its was 11:30 in the morning and picks up the phone
                "Hey , whats up?" - Bulga speaks with a enthusiastic voice . Syria with a cautious tone reply's simply by saying , he's doing some household chores . As the network signal was not that good ,  he went up to the terrace for a better signal . Both of them week talking about how their week went when syria notices a strange looking flower top on on the terrace pillars . The pot was made up a plastic bottle originally used for storing beverage , it was half cut and current filled with soil where a yellow flower was growing. As , he started analyzing the strnge looking pot , felt something on the ground moving . He thought it was just some kid , running down the stairs since his house was old and made up of mostly mud . Suddenly after a few seconds , the ground starts shaking crazy and syria realizes that it was an earthquake . He checks the time again , it was 11:54 am then his basic instinct comes into play - RUN .
                         As he's running down the stairs  his mind goes blank , his parents on the ground are shouting his names . As the shaking gets violent , he fnally reaches the front door and falls down on the ground . His dad quickly drags him to the open ground and all Syria can think of is what the hell happened .
      After a few minutes when the shaking stops, he looks at his old house to see if its still standing and luckily it is . After a quick inspection , he only sees a few cracks and broken solid object . He then quickly runs back to the terrace to call his girl friend to see if she is okay . As he is dialing the phone number , his eyes go back to the flower pot and to his surprise , it was there without any scratches  . He was truly amazed and just looked at the pot in shock when the phone rings . His girlfriend had called . Syria  was in amazement so he quickly told Bulga about this strange pot .  Bulga in a sarcastic voice said - "woooooow" . As Syria wanted to get back to his pot , he quickly ended the conversation and started his deep analysis . He looked around to see the other pots and all of them were broken but this one was standing like a rock .

 After days of thinking and analaysis , he reached his finally conclusion  - it was a miracle of god . But that turned out to be far from the truth . After bringing the MN researchers , it was concluded that the pot was an integral part of the house and it was in the design . The mystery had been solved .

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