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MeisterMania #5 , What Happened ?

MeisterMania #5 , What Happened ?

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The 5th edition of MeisterMania was successfully celebrated in Dec 21,2016 and here's a brief summary of what happened :

 I met up with Prashant  at around 2:00PM but due to his employment status , i had to wait it out till 3:30PM for the celebration to start . After 3:30PM , we met up and the mega event started .

The event began with discussion about the future project plans and other random stuff . There was maximum focus on improvement of business ties in home and abroad and expansion of the MN brand name to international territory . There a brief tour around the Mangal Baazar and Pulchowk area . There was also an unofficial visit to Labim Mall in Pulchowk to see its potential for future investments .

Due to controversy surrounding the Real Juice , there was big change in the offical drink . It was decided that the  new official drink is Slice(we have not been endorsed by slice. After the roaming around , we went to a local place(brand not disclosed due to copyright issues) and had some food with the official drink "Slice". We finally then again roamed around the patan area and that was it .

This years MeisterMania was highly stable and there were no major incidents like vomiting in the middle of the street . It was strictly reduced to business talk and the next step in the company's future. I Hope next year's event will be just as explosive as this one.

(Due to some controversial issues , the celebration for 4th MeisterMania could not be a success and we deeply apologize for the inconvenience).

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