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Will Marvel Studios get rights to X-Men?

Will Marvel Studios get rights to X-Men?

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As of what’s happened so far in the Hollywood scene, the short answer for Marvel Studios getting the rights of X-Men is NOPE. I don’t even think that we’ll even a deal like the Sony Marvel collab among Marvel and FOX.

FOX studios which owns the movie rights to X-Men started off their movies back in 2000 with the successful X-Men movie and its sequel X-Men 2. Things got pretty rough after that because all the X-men after X-Men 2 pretty much failed to impress the critics and couldn’t make as much money as expected. On the other hand, Marvel has been making a shit ton of money with their MCU lineup. Now, it’s obvious to assume that FOX could sell its rights back to Marvel since X-Men movies have failed. But I don’t think that FOX will give up.

X-Men franchise was pretty much dead until Deadpool came along. The 2016 Deadpool movie impressed a lot and made a lot of money, even more than what some of the successful MCU movies made. The Deadpool sequel has even already been announced. Since Deadpool is one of the characters that came along with the X-Men deal with Marvel, I think that they’ll hold on to the character until they milk the shit out of it.


Even if we were to assume that such a deal was to take place between the two studios, it’d be a BIG mess. MCU’s timeline is pretty much concentrated between 2008-Present day with a few characters making exceptions such as Captain America, Ant Man, etc. On the other side, the (new) X-Men timeline is set during the 1960s,70s and 80s. The MCU doesn’t mention any superheroes during FOX’s timeline and vice versa. So, we’d have to reboot one of the universes for the new collab to even make a sense.

Fantastic Four is a different story though, FOX has rebooted Marvel first family superhero team twice already which sucked both times. The new movie couldn’t make any sense and the acting sucked as well. Considering this, I think Marvel will get the rights to Fantastic Four in some 5 years or so.

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