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Why DCEU movies aren't doing well with Critics ?

Why DCEU movies aren't doing well with Critics ?

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This article was written by Aviyan Khadka. The error in author names is due to migration from Wordpress to Blogger. Thanks
The newest movie in the DCEU is "Suicide Squad" and like Batman V Superman , it has also been slammed by critics . All three movies in the DCEU are Rotten in RT and if this carries on in future movies then this cinematic universe is doomed to fail . Lets look at some of the reasons critics seem to consider these movies as trash :

  1. Joyless and Dark : This was one of the  main problems with Man of Steel and BvS . They mainly pointed out that, superman being a joyful and inspirational hero should not have been portrayed as a dark , brooding and menacing person. They said that these movies felt depressive and could not feel a connection toward the main hero of the movie and as superman being the savior of mankind letting  thousands of civilians die instead of saving them and also stupid enough to fight in a heavily populated city rather than an abandoned place or an empty field .GalleryMovies_1920x1080_ManOfSteel_552586ca9859f8.59715358
  2. Rushed World Building : Since marvel has highly succeeded in building a huge superhero world thorough many individual movies leading to the Avengers , DC is trying to achieve the same but very quickly through very few movies and these movies focus more on world building than its own individual thing . This is one of the main problems in BvS . BvS had a lot of weird cameos like the silly email attachment with logos already designed , shoehorning wonder woman into the mix , setting up a villain for the trio to fight , Actual BvS fights being less then 10 mins , out of nowhere flash cameo , the knightmare sequence , ...etc make the movie feel more like a setup movie rather than independent film . Maybe due to this reason , MoS is the highest rated movie out of the three . MoS is a origin and development story of superman and does not have any huge reference to the big cinematic world other than subtle hints and its completely about superman and his struggle in his life . MoS is a self contained story and thats why it makes for a better film than BvS and SS .
  3. Poor editing and story : Mainly BvS and SS have been labeled as very poorly edited movies and they also feel like it . In BvS transition between different scenes felt weird and out of place and also in SS , the editing feels like it cut out entire plot from the movie and also raises lot of plot holes in the film .In BvS , there isn't much character depth given for the main heroes and a simple unwillingness to look at things logically leads to the whole plot of the movie and this misunderstanding is solved by knowing that their mothers have the same name  . Lots of people are blaming studio interference in post production as a cause of these problems and some of it true as studios want whichever cut that tests positive and brings them the box office glory but tampering with the directors vision may also cost the studio a lot as they are messing with what the movie is supposed to be . These movies are not as bad as fantastic 4 but you can see where the movies has been tampered with . MarqueeMovies_1400x495_SuicideSquad_skull_56d50b7663dcc0.07388782

Even though i personally enjoyed all these movies , they do have a lot of problems and i hope they are fixed in upcoming movies wonder woman and Justice league because if they don't knock it out of the park then DC is done .Justice-League-Movie-Team-Costume-Art


  1. The fact that they are dark is not the problem, it's the other two issues, but even rushed world building could be overcome if they bothered to put together a decent narative


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