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What are the odds of you being in a plane crash?

What are the odds of you being in a plane crash?

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Have you ever asked yourself “What are the odds me being in a plane crash?”?

You know, the captain announces that the plane is gonna crash and all the people around you start screaming. Everyone is either crying or praying to god. You’re 1000s of meters up in the sky in a tiny aluminum cylinder thingy that looks like a penis
and it’s going down. With 9.8m/s, the plane is gonna crash to the ground and there’s nothing you can do about it. These oxygen masks pop out of nowhere in every seat that are little or no help at all. And before you know it… BAM.


I did. I used to watch this show called “Air Crash Investigators” or something (I have a bad memory) on National Geographic Channel. This show gave used to give us details and investigations involving a specific airplane crash in every episode. It used to scare the shit out of me. You know, the sounds of people crying for help during the last moments of their life. It was horrific. There is even a website that has sound recordings of a cockpit during the last moments of the crash. After visiting that site, I was even more shit scared. And then there was BestGore, a site with real horrific events of plane crashes and other stuff.

Even seeing a plane in the sky used to scare me for like 3-4 weeks. But later, I thought “It’s not every day you hear a plane crashing” I mean, I live in Nepal (a small country with only one International Airport) where hundreds of planes come and go every day. I live like 5kms away from the airport and I hear hundreds of airplanes taking off to their destinations every day.

*Hears an plane taking off while writing this post*


Anyways, it’s not that bad right? A lot of people die from cancer everyday than a plane crash. So anyways, back to the topic, what are the odds of being in a plane crash? Since I don’t work in an airport and have no access to all this data. I googled it. After googling for some time, I found that the odds of a person being in a plane crash is 1 in 11 million. Yes, 1 in 11 million. That means, for every 11 million air travel you take, you’ll be in a plane crash in one of them. So take a chill pill and don’t be shit scared the next time you’re in an airport getting ready for your flight.

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