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Nepal's Water Supply

Nepal's Water Supply

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Nepal is a country rich with water resources which have Hugh supply potential for technical and household purposes . But the main problem is supplying water to the high density areas like capital city. The country has been continuously having a hard time to cope with the high degree of water needed by its people. With the daily increment in the number of people the demand has gone up much higher than the supply. It has been frequently noticed that the problem lies not only on providing water but
the main problem is providing healthy water to the people. This type of problems is being solved by Nepal Water Supply Corporation (NWSC). The greatest challenge for the corporation is to decrease gap between the production and supply despite supplementing the production, improvement and supply management in an equitable and effective manner through the preparation, their implementation and completion of various projects.

Due to quantitative increase in consumption of water, there may overcome scarcity of water supply in future. Therefore, the NWSC is going through the long term Melamchi Project and other so many short term and long term projects.

This corporation has been providing that kind of service without which we even cannot think of living it is providing us the water that plays vital role to live. This is a government corporation and generally of service motive and public oriented corporation with the objective of making arrangement for the supply of portable water to urban and adjacent rural areas as specified by government and also managing the sewerage system in the Kathmandu valley. There are many sources of water but none of them are formally able to use so this corporation has been able to manage those source and to distribute it in all the areas.

Due to the various reasons there is no involvement of private sector in the supply of water. The major responsibility to provide water lies on NWSC. This poses a great challenge on NWSC to be able to supply the water as per the demand. Even though Nepal is second richest in water resources the infrastructural difficulties as well as lack of financial resources makes it really difficult to meet the supply of water as per the demand.

Since NWSC is a government corporation the responsibility along with its accountability lies     with government. The major problem of corporation in the present day is its inability to complete the projects it has planned for due to various constraints. In my opinion the constraints are as follows:

  • Infrastructural difficulty in mobilizing the water resources.

  • Political instability due to which frequent change in leadership.

  • Inadequate financial and other resources for completion of project.

  • Lack of efficient human resources and inadequate capacity of existing employees.

  • Government rules and regulation not supporting such institution.

  • Problem of financial support and bank loan.

Nepal Water Supply Corporation (NWSC) was established in the month of February 1990, under the NWSC ACT 1990 of His Majesty’s Government of Nepal. Afer realizing demanding of conduit water in Kathmandu valley, government had established a systematic development of water supply system with the PANI ADDA (PANI GOSWARA) unit in 2029 B.S. (May 1973A.D.).His Majestry's Government of Nepal had developed Nepal Water Supply Corporation (NSSC) Act, in Feburary,1990. Under this act NWSC has blooming drinking water supply services in twenty three urban ares in different part of country. According to NWSC Act 1990 the Corporation shall get its annual accounts audited by a certified auditor (Chartered Accountant) appointed by the office of the Auditor General.The government of Nepal had developed a PPP(Public Private Partnership) concept for delivering water supply services to the consumer by handeling over water supply scheme to the local Board in 2005(A.D.). Under this policy The Kathmandu Valley Water Supply System has been functioning under PPP concept since last three years. Similarly Bharatpur and Hetauda water supply systems are in under process. NWSC has endeavored to provide quality service of providing water to the valued consumers in spite of innumerable range of problems encountered.

The Corporation has been providing its invaluable service in these areas of the country:


  • Jhapa

  • Morang

  • Sunsari

  • Saptari

  • Siraha

  • Dhanusha

  • Mahottari

  • Sarlahi

  • Kavre

  • Kathmandu

  • Bhaktapur

  • Lalitpur

  • Makawanpur

  • Bara

  • Parsa

  • Chitwan

  • Kaski

  • Rupandehi

  • Kapilbastu

  • Banke

  • Kailali

  • Kanchanpur

We know that Nepal is the second richest country in water resources in the world. But despite of this, the demand of water supply is still inadequate in major cities of Nepal, especially in Kathmandu valley. The various unimplemented proposals presented by government, ruling over Nepal, have also not been able to complete due to many factors and even the government is not being able to solve the problems raised during the projects.Also the past projects conducted by NWSC are not conforming a standard of etiquette.The "Melamchi Project" which could fulfill the demand of water needed for Kathmandu valley, also became failure due to various political reasons. So, these kinds of political instability, corruption, and other reasons have made the established project to the way of failure.If the government has given a bit more time and attention to complete those projects, then today the people of major cities would not have been facing the problem of water supply. So from the study I have found that though NWSC has been completing many projects in the past, it is not being sufficient for its customers and those projects which can be very helpful to satisfy its customers cannot being completed. In this way it can be said that all is about attention, effort and honesty that all should have to fulfill that time of long term projects which will be enough to fulfill the demand of water supply.


  1. Look it up man, Nepal is not the second richest country in water resources in the world.

  2. Sorry about that but Nepal does have a lot of potential in distribution and development of water resources

  3. Are you comedy me?


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