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This article was written by Aviyan Khadka. The error in author names is due to migration from Wordpress to Blogger. Thanks
Since the rise of conservatism  , the Republican party establishment has been a conservative base and most of the people who run for office have from the party have been conservative .  Right now in the 21 century , it has started to become highly unpopular and its mainly because the cold war is over and the internet became hugely popular where people can look up what the party members say and stand for . The Republican party has not been able to evolve with the times . They are so out of touch with  the needs of the common man and live in their own reality  of fiction . I also wanna dispel the notion that these people don't know what they are doing , they know exactly what they are doing.


Conservatism started during 1960's and was mainly born out of the anti-communist wave that was going on around america . Their stances on policies like small government , deep religions beliefs , tax cuts and the free market are straight out of anti-commie book . The Communist government like USSR , Cuba , China ... has massive governments controlling  almost everything . From media to means of production and from heavy taxes to the rich to highly regulated market , the communist government's were almost like fascist states and the american government has made propaganda about the commies , that had stuck in everyone's mind . Conservatism was basically  the opposite of communism  , they wanted free market , government as small as possible and mainly the rise of private enterprise . The conservative boom started with Reagan and right wing people like Bush Sr , Bush Jr have been elected and have had disastrous economic/foreign policies . Reaganomics has been disastrous in a long term , Bush sr/jr have both had massive tax cuts to the rich and interventionist foreign policies and Bush Jr  was the worst president in the history  .

The cold war has ended and a new age has begun . The world has changed so much with the boom of the internet and the information being shared in it . The conservative ideas have become so unpopular and most of the conservatives that are left are in the closet racists , immigrant haters and people who are highly bought .

The conservatism ideology has given corporations and big money interests so much power that they basically buy elections and the republican party  is in the heart of this process . Lots of democrats are also bought but republicans are highly loyal . Rather than  thinking about the future and evolving with the times , they stick to the same thing old and don't change a bit . The world has changed and its time for them to change or they will never win among the masses . The party will implode like it did in the last debate stage .


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