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Top 5 punchable faces of 2015

Top 5 punchable faces of 2015

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Well, apparently Justin Bieber didn’t make it to this list this year but here are the top 5 punchable faces of 2015. Let the countdown begin:

5. Ted Cruz:

This guy is another dumbass who is candidate for US presidency in 2016. This guy sucks God’s dick all the time. I mean, “ALL THE FUCKING TIME”. He suggests that US President “must” kneel down before god every morning, pray all the time and do other God related stuff. Although his plans for America aren’t fucked up as Donald’s Trump, he really is another guy you wanna punch in the face.

[caption id="attachment_634" align="aligncenter" width="736"]Go on, punch it Go on, punch it[/caption]

4. Kim Davis:

So this woman was acting on “God’s authority”. She refused to give license to same-sex couples (and even opposite-sex couples) even after US Supreme Court’s decision. It is also been known that Pope Francis met with her in Washington. These religious pricks really get on my nerves sometimes.

[caption id="attachment_635" align="aligncenter" width="620"]She wants the P She wants the P[/caption]

3. Martin Shkreli: 

This guy is the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals AG and after this company got the manufacturing rights for ant parasitic drug called Daraprim. This guy increased its price to USD 750 per tablet from USD 13.50. That’s absurd. Although he was arrested by the FBI on December 2015, he was released on bail. Talk about being rich.


2. ISIS:

Beheadings, Terrorism, Bombings around the mid-east. You already know more than enough!


1.Donald Trump:

I’m sure you expected this guy on this list. Donald Trump is running for Presidency from the Republican Party and this guy is the biggest asshole of the year. This guy totally reminds me of this fat rich prick we had in our school back in the day. This guy is one cocky guy trying to fuck up already fucked America. This guy not only wants to build a wall bordering Mexico, he wants Mexico to pay for it. You can read more about his plans here: ! The thing that pisses me off more than this guy is that there are a lot of people supporting this guy.


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