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Lenovo Z51-70 First Impressions

Lenovo Z51-70 First Impressions

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I just got the Lenovo Z51 laptop (5 days) and here’s what its first impressions were.

Note: Remember that it’s not a full review of the laptop since
I just got it and haven’t used it long enough to give a full review. But yea, keep an eye for the full review in the upcoming weeks!

Design: This laptop looks pretty cool in terms of design. It’s matte white rather than the mainstream black lid laptops. The left side has your typical Ethernet port, Charging port, Heat Exhaust, VGS, HDMI and 2 USB 3.0 ports. Onto the right side, you get a DVD Writer (pretty rare these days), a USB 2.0 port, 3.5mm headphone jack and a card reader!

When you open the lid, you get a full set of keyboards. Although, I don’t like Lenovo’s keyboard design much, it doesn’t fail to impress. While the whole laptop is a plastic build, the keyboard chassis (is that what it’s called?) and the palm rest have an aluminum finish.


Display: The laptop has a 15.6” screen with Full HD (1920x1080) screen, which is pretty impressive and hard to get on a laptop this cheap.

One of the most disappointing features of this laptop is its poor viewing angles. It is worst and if 3 people are watching the screen at the same time (Netflix and Chill ;) ) then it’s gonna disappoint you a lot. The good thing is that the screen is not reflective so you don’t have to worry about the sun.


Processor: It is powered by 5th generation i7 5500U chip which is pretty common in this segment of laptops. Although, they are not impressive if you’re a hardcore laptopper (what?) It runs smoothly. Of Course, it depends on what work you do on your laptop. It is good for your typical home laptops, students, work and what not but not suitable for serious gamers.

Graphics: The laptop sports an AMD R9 375M GPU with 2 GB DDR3 memory. Although, it’s not a good for serious gamers, it’s more than enough for other casual players. I was able to play GTAV on low-medium settings without any lag. I also ran other games like MineCraft and Simcity which worked under maximum video settings. This GPU can easily run the latest games under low-medium settings.


Camera: The integrated camera on this laptop is pretty cool. You get Intel RealSense 3D camera along with your normal camera. Real Sense 3D is a new kind of camera technology where you can do loads of cool stuffs like scanning 3D models, enhanced video chat and many more. I haven’t tested any RealSense 3D apps at the moment though.

Speakers: The speakers are pretty loud on this laptop. Most laptops that I had used in the past gave out very small sound in maximum mode. But this laptop will give you the same loudness at around 30%.


Battery: The battery on this device is not what I expected. For a laptop with this specs, I’d want a battery that could run for around 5-6 hours. Sadly, this laptop only has 4-cells and although Lenovo states that the laptop can run for 4 hours, I hardly got 3 hours. If you turn on the battery saver mode, you will get around 3.5 hours. Also, if you’re gaming, the battery drains pretty quickly. Even, for a low demanding game like Minecraft, the battery drains at a speed of one percent per minute which is a disgrace.

So, there is the first impre4ssion of Lenovo Z51-70 laptop. It’s a pretty good laptop if you compare it with other laptops selling at the same price. I will do a full review in the future so stay tuned.


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