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Can Sanders Win the Primary Elections ?

Can Sanders Win the Primary Elections ?

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This article was written by Aviyan Khadka. The error in author names is due to migration from Wordpress to Blogger. Thanks

With Iowa Caucus nearing and only a couple of weeks left until  voting day , Democratic and Republicans are stepping up their campaign efforts in the early states . In the democratic side ,
  according to latest opinion polls by American Research Group(ARG) , Sanders leads with 47% , Hillary Clinton in second place with 44%  and Martin O'Malley with 3% of the votes . In New Hampshire , from FOX , Sanders has a lead with 50% , Clinton with 37% and O'Malley with 3% . Sanders has a huge New Hampshire lead by 13% and even by adjusting the error margin , Sanders leads easily but in Iowa , the race is wide open .

[caption id="attachment_642" align="aligncenter" width="600"]20160112141314119.png National Primary Average[/caption]

IOWA : Iowa Primary

New Hampshire : NH Primary

It's very important for Sanders to win the early states to gain a momentum going into South Carolina and Nevada . Clinton has a huge lead in these states but Sanders in slowly catching up . In 2008 , Obama lost New Hampshire but won other big states and eventually became the nominee but for Sanders its crucial to win both these states as the race between Sanders and Clinton is neck to neck .


Sanders has taken income inequality as the main focus of his campaign and has a lot of young voters in his side . His grassroots movement brought huge amount of money for his campaign without help of big donors and most of his money if from small donations . Clinton being the establishment candidates has the backing of the DNC and thought to be the inevitable candidate is facing a real challenge with sanders  .

More on the candidates : Sanders Vs Clinton

If Sanders can bring the young people to vote for him then  he will surely win and there is nothing the establishment can do about it . People are sick of the same old politics and scripted speeches and want change in the system . They have been screwed by wall street and the big banks and the government doing nothing about it . Sanders has tapped into the inner anger and dissatisfaction the people have with the system and failure in believing in the government .


Clinton and all the other Republican candidates are corporate puppets doing what their donors want and Sanders on the other hand is challenging these donors and wants a complete stop on the corrupt campaign finance system . If he continues his message to erase income inequality and make the top 1% pay their fair share , he will definitely win . All he needs is enthusiastic supporters and a good message to reach the public .

More on Sanders : The Man America Needs

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  1. He can -- here's how.


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