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This article was written by Aviyan Khadka. The error in author names is due to migration from Wordpress to Blogger. Thanks
The United States of America has a system where only two major parties exist and they control the government .

The two major parties are Democratic and Republican party  . Candidates from these parties run for the POTUS and for Congress . While there are some independent candidates , they are two small in number to matter in a large scale . The current President  Barack Obama is from the democratic party  and will be leaving office at the end of 2016 .


Lets lists some of the problems a two party system creates ,

Choice :

When there are only two choices to choose from then people will have no  choice but to accept these policies/candidates even if they don't agree with them  . Due to this the voter turn out will be low and people who can make a change creep back to the shadows and the only thing that will be left will the tyranny of these two parties .

Money :

Since there are only two candidates , there is a chance of them being bought buy people who want their interests represented and block the development of the poor and the middle class . In America , it is legal to get huge sums of money by different corporations and interests groups to different political candidates as donations and surely they will accept or propose policies that favor their donors .

Change :

Real change is not possible in two party system . Ideas that bring change need to be approved by the party and unless it has a party advantage it probably won't get approved . While in a multiparty democracy , the smaller parties try out new ideas to appeal to voters and try to pressure to big parties to represent the local interest .
The party members need to act out according to party guidelines as they are fearful of being disowned if they do not represent to party interest hence halting the creation of independent ideas that can bring about change .

Cock Block :

In america every two years , the house of representatives have an election and one of the two parties control the house while the senate has an election every six years . During President Obama's first term , the democrats had a majority in the house and the senate so it was easier for him to pass policies like the ACA(Obamacare) but now in 2015 , the republicans have the house and the senate and they have tried relentlessly to block Obamacare . So it will just go back and forth , one trying to undo the others work . While in a multiparty system compromise is required and the policies will pass smoothly .


The multi-party system also has its own flaws and problems but its always better than a two party system .

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