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The Man America Needs

The Man America Needs

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This article was written by Aviyan Khadka. The error in author names is due to migration from Wordpress to Blogger. Thanks
America is a capitalist utopia . Its a heaven for those with more than enough money to spend . The rich lifestyle with their fancy suits and

cars and a house big enough for a 1000 people . The American dream has come true for those folks . But what about the folks who struggle to make it life and those who just make enough for themselves and their family ?  This is the question we should be asking ourselves and those in the upper level of the food chain .


Frankly speaking , America is a country controlled by corporations . Corporations are considered as normal human being and have the same rights as a human being . These corporations main goal is to make profit , whatever the means . They will push their policies through congress and use the power of money to buy politicians . They are allowed to make contributions to different political candidates and are allowed to fund their campaigns and when you take a lot of money from someone they expect something in return as a result their interests will be represented rather than the average american citizen .


Bernie sanders is the political candidates fighting for the average american and wants the middle class and lower class citizens to come up in the food chain and live a happy life  . He wants normal peoples interests represented in congress rather that the corporations and the rich folks . The man will bring balance to the force . The corporate greed must stop .

Students are reeling under debt and live their whole life paying back those debts . A lot of people don't even go to college because they are afraid of the debt . The educated man power is getting lower and lower every day . Sanders wants to make State colleges tuition free so that everyone has an opportunity to go to college . America is lagging behind in the world in terms of education and health care and a lot of other important issues . He wants free health care which will help everyone have a good lifestyle rather than live a life which is filled with tension and depression .He wants to rebuild the infrastructure , bringing back millions of jobs .


The billionaire class enjoy lower taxes and IRS free life while the middle class and lower class suffer the high tax rates . sanders wants to bring the fight to the billionaire class and bring back the middle class and lower class from the dead . The single mothers that are struggling to give a good life to their children have to work very long hours to earn just enough for their family . He wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and give the single mothers paid family leave .

Sanders will make a difference if given the chance . Right now he is the only hope america has to bring it back from the ashes . He is the man america needs . Other candidates like Hillary and the republicans are corporate sellout and there's Trump .Sanders campaign is financed by millions of average Americans who want change .   He is the only rational man left in the race . Go out and VOTE .


Visit  Feel the for more details on his policies

Check your state primaries and register to vote : Vote for Bernie

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