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Would you like to dive into the ocean and reach its bed? Would you like to fly under the warmth of the sunshine and find yourself at a place pointed as heaven?
Would you like to go on an expedition around the world?
I am sure that I am getting many hands going up.

Weird, isn’t it? We want to do things that seem to be impossible. But, no worries. Who cares if we’ve not got any wings to fly? We still have our spiritual wings to rely on. If only we could realize the place where we really belong. ‘Men born free, are always bound in chains’. So break them apart. Get out of your comfort zone and do things that you thought yourself incapable of doing and experience the victory that you thought yourself to be unworthy of. Let your mind wander off into the infinite space. Let your imagination run wild and posturize yourself in the middle of the rain forest or would it be better if there was a live anaconda with its fiery demeanor in front of you?  I think the second one is more interesting, isn’t it? Trust me, nothing goes in dreaming and this is definitely far more fun than living in the jail of preconceived thoughts.

So let’s just collect the courage that resides within us and get out of this suffocating place and make more difficult choices. The excitement that the choice is going to present you with is just undefeatable.

Make wings of hope, love, respect, compassion, attach it to your heart and allow it to tear the fierceness of the wind of sorrow and depression. Let it fly to the place where the rainbow ends and let it wander of in the darkest parts of the woods. Let it burn as fire and melt the gruesome iceberg of idleness and pessimism. Let it guide you to a town unseen and unheard of. But unfortunately we say that we don’t   have energy to even dream and do things for ourselves.

Do you know where the real problem lies? It’s that we’ve become too scientific, engaged in a virtual world of electronic gadgets be it televisions, computers, mobiles or iPod. We forget to notice the exquisiteness that nature has hid within herself. In this twenty first century we barely look at a flying bird and sense the freedom it has. We rarely show interest to walk in the woods when we have opportunity to do so. We don’t spare any time from our “BUSY” schedule or so we call it to gaze at the rainbow and feel its divineness.

Believe me, it’s a matter of we letting go of the preconceived ideas that have been so deeply rooted in our minds that we don’t realize what we’re really capable of. Yes. The wings will get injured by the fierceness and the mercilessness of the failures or the departures of our loved ones or the criticism that we’ve got to cope with and the list goes on. But don’t you dare let yourself fall apart. Be a fighter and put some ointment of hope and optimism on the wounds. You are certainly going to observe that your wing will emerge as the most powerful fragment of your body and will surprise you with its capability.

We have really lost our touch in this materialistic world and the soul that resides within us is discontent. Our mind is in a constant need of thinking something. It has no idea about peace that silence and emptiness can bring. So, readers its high time we let go the cancer of senseless worries that we carry along with us and soar high up somewhere in the sky. Discover a new talent within you every day and let your soul dwell in the unknown. Cheers to the fighter within all of us!!!!!!

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