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#ModiHimalayanBlunder trending on Facebook and Twitter

#ModiHimalayanBlunder trending on Facebook and Twitter

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Following India’s month old unofficial economic blockade on Nepal, an Indian citizen has started a new hash tag trend: #ModiHimalayanBlunder.
He quoted that “Nepal isn’t going to change its constitution following the blockade.
Learn your history Modi, Nepali’s has never been conquered”.

This tag immediately became a trend in Facebook and Twitter as many citizens from both Nepal and India took it on their social media. Although this particular hash tag hasn’t yet reached the Worldwide Trends like #BackOffIndia and #GoHomeIndianMedia, it was in the top 5 trends in Nepal as well as India.


Many Indian people have joined the Nepalese social media users and bashed their Prime Minister Modi and requesting him to make things right with Nepal before it’s too late. Many Facebook and Twitter users are trying to make #ModIhimalayanBlunder a Worldwide trend so that people all around the world can know about the problems that Nepal is facing right now. So if you can, try to promote this hash tag in all your social media.


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