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Loving And Caring For Pet Rats

Loving And Caring For Pet Rats

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Typically kept by royalty in Victorian times, Pet rats make great companion animals and if socialized with from a young age
can be very loving and affectionate animals.

Before getting a rat you should take into consideration how much money you can and are willing to spend. Cages, food, bedding and toys usually aren't cheap! Rats also require vet care the same as any other animal and it could be quite expensive.

Black and White Mouse

Rats should usually be kept in pairs or groups as they are naturally pack animals and very social. The benefits of having more than one rat are endless but a few include; Play which is mentally stimulating, Shared body heat, good for cooler whether, and allowance to develop a hierarchy consisting of an alpha and omega which is adhering to their natural instincts.

Rats require a fairly large cage with levels and bars to climb, my personal favorite is the Critter nation. Your rats cage will require bedding. Typically anything besides pine or cedar that doesn't contain baking soda is okay and of you can, fleece is even better as it can be reused!

Your rats cage will require a few things. Food and water, a hide away, a litter box, a hammock and toys. For toys you can give your rat wooden bird toys, children's and baby toys (little people play sets are great!), cardboard boxes and toilet paper roles, or rat and ferret toys! My rats favorites include the fisher price little peoples garage and zoo!

I hope this information helped you and persuaded you to get a pet rat! If you do choose to get a rat I would suggest checking Craig's list or any other local buy and sell sites and looking for a breeder before supporting the pet stores.

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