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India proved that it can fuck us up! What can we do about it?

India proved that it can fuck us up! What can we do about it?

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Now, before I start this post, I’d like to remind you that when I use the word India and Nepal, I mean their governments, not the people.
But you already know that!

Ok. Let’s begin…

It’s no secret that Nepal is going through a tough situation right now. Just a couple of months after the April 2015 earthquake, the nation finally (after so many god damn years) came out with a constitution. But everyone was not happy with it. The days were followed by the 'Unofficial Indian Blockade' which had a huge impact on all the people across the nation.

Now I don’t wanna go over, “No, It’s not India’s blockade !”, “It’s the Madeshi people’s fault”, “India should be ashamed”, “It’s Nepal’s government’s fault”, “#BackOffIndia ! ”, “All nuns are Lesbians” and what not. Personally I think that the fault should be given to both the governments. I think that India wants to fuck Nepal up and Nepal let India fuck it up. If that made any sense. Here’s an info graphic I created just to give you an idea of what’s happening.

India's Unofficial Blockade

OK! Now, what should we do about it?

  1. We could address Madeshi people’s demands: I don’t want to make this post longer by adding their demands. You can Google the demands if you like. But yea, our government should sit and talk with the leaders of Madeshi Mocha and address their demands. The most easy and peaceful way to end it all.

  2. Inform about the Blockade to International community: Now I don’t know why our government isn’t doing this already considering that this Blockade has been going on for almost two months now. Probably cause they’re busy sucking some err.. ! Earlier, the International media didn’t take the blockade seriously but now, even they’re informed about it and are sure that India’s doing the Blockade. This is actually good for us as people around the world will know what’s going on here but the government should also go around and inform the Internal Community so that we can sort things out.

  3. Trade with China: Oh I could write an entire book about the Nepalese government not giving a shit when China offers to help and go crazayyyy when the Indian government offers to help. It’s mainly because Nepalese leaders are scared that if we take help from China, the Indian government will be angry and bad stuffs will happen ;) (Madan Bhandari, anyone?) The Nepalese government should grow some balls and start trading with China. China has offered to help Nepal develop a million times. We should grab this opportunity right away. Right now, more than 60% of our trade relations is connected with China. We should break this trend and start opening up trade with other countries such as China and Bangladesh.

  4. Hire Young Talents in the government: When was the last time you’d seen a young leader in the PM’s chair in Nepal? That’s right! NEVER. Our PM’s are old hags suffering from all these diseases and we appoint these guys. No wonder there’s a problem with you people. :Pdownload

  5. Stop being Racist: Right now. If we go into the comments section of any post about the ongoing situation, you’ll find a lot of racist remarks. Nepalese people calling the Indian and Madeshi “dhotis”, “beggars” etc. Stop it! That’s no way to resolve the issue with this thing guys. I find it funny and I think that “What’s up with the youth of today?” So the point is, there are better ways to resolve this shit without being so racist.

    [caption id="attachment_144" align="aligncenter" width="736"]A lot oh hate and rage A lot oh hate and rage[/caption]

  6. Be self-dependent: There was a time in the past not so long ago that Nepalese cotton, silk, tin used to be exported in India. Nepalese products were popular in India back then. It is said that Nepal can even export cereal (rice, wheat, barley) to India. LOL. That’s not the case anymore. Nepal can’t even produce food for its own people and it’s heavily dependent on Indian products (even TV Shows and Movies). If we become heavily dependent on other countries then they’ll have more leverage to fuck us up like we’re going through right now. It’s also said that Nepal has Petrol (I don’t think so because an unreliable source told me). We need to build up our manpower, educate everyone and start developing our own nation.

Let me know if I missed any points in the comments below and I’ll try and update the post above. Peace oot.


  1. "I don’t want to make this post longer by adding their demands."

    Translated: I don't know what their demands are.

  2. I always research on what I'm writing. So I know what their demands are. I would I write about something that I've no knowledge of !

  3. Nepal is fucked. According to science, Nepal's terrain was formed with India pushing from below and China/Tibet staying firm from above giving Nepal no other option but to crumple itself into insanely fucked up mountainous terrains. This is becoming more apparent not just with geographical formation of the country, but with the current lives of the people too. Without any territorial access to marine ports, Nepal will eternally be dependent on India (and China) forever. Even if Nepal is able to sustain itself in terms of food and clothing, it will never be able to sustain itself when it comes to essential needs to function in globalised, technologically driven world without the assistance of its neighbours. In this regard, Nepal's hope for becoming a wealthy country anytime in the future can be dumped into the garbage can. No matter how many years we wait for whatever miracle, we are economically fucked without healthy trade relations with neighbouring countries, particularly India. Did the country become economically poor because of its location or did the people make the country economically poor? I'd go with the former.
    To top it up, the country was hit by 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Why the fuck is it that the poorer the country, the more disaster (natural/man made) it attracts? Afterall, misfortune always attacks the poor. Sorry, i m taking a crap again and just ranting because I have constipation.



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