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I prayed for Paris! Will it work?

I prayed for Paris! Will it work?

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So unless you live in the Himalayas without an Internet connection, you’re fully aware about what this post is about. With at least 129 dead and 352 wounded
(99% in serious condition) according to reports, this is one of the latest terrorism acts which ISIS took the responsibility for!

[caption id="attachment_184" align="aligncenter" width="600"]where the attacks took place where the attacks took place[/caption]

What happened?
It’s been determined that three teams of terrorists attacked six different locations throughout Paris. Seven of the terrorists have already been killed. And, "The threat is still going on. The risk is still very high, and nothing says this terror sequence is over yet," Paris Deputy Mayor Paul Klugman.
So, after the attacks the world mourned the deceased and started “praying for Paris” (not Paris Hilton). Now, I may come off as insensitive but… Will praying help? I remember back when I used to pray to God asked him to make my crush like me back. Never worked. Later, I thought that maybe he answers prayers that are actually worth his time. Like, praying for the people who are dying of poverty or people who are abused by the society. I thought maybe he answers to their prayers. So I started praying for those people. Again, never worked. Mind you, this was during my theistic days back when I was 13.
Of course prayer never works. It never has been. When I went through my facebook feed after the attacks, it was filled with #PrayForParis posts and asking the almighty God to idk.. Bless them or something. But, my question is this, Why would you pray to a God who did nothing to prevent it in the first place. I mean C’mon, we’ve been taught as kids that God is omnipresent, he is the almighty powerful and can stop evil and spread love. It’s obvious that he could’ve stopped this terrorist act, or stopped hunger in Africa and other places and made my crush like me.
I commented on a page “Why pray to a God if he did nothing to prevent it”. I was answered by a chick that “It was part of God’s plan. He took them for his plan… He has plan for you too “yada yada yada... I was even offered to praise Jesus. “You need Jesus in your life”, that’s what she said. I was gonna add a screenshot but yea, she deleted it later.

Many western media were criticized after the #PrayForParis went viral. That same day, Lebanon was attacked by terrorists too but it only got very few screen time. People started asking why the media goes crazy if 100 people die in the west and don’t bat an eye when 1000 people die in the Mid-East. But we’ll save this topic for another day.

Of course no body is actually going to praying for Paris in the literal way. Unless you are a nun that is. People have changed the definition of prayer these days, well at least on social media. When people say that will be praying for something, it means that they will think about the bad thing that happened and expect positive thing to happen soon. Say I’ll be praying for something doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll get down on their knees and ask for good things to happen.
Let me know what you think people should do instead of mourning or praying for the deceased in the comments below ! Sorry if this post came off as offensive !

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