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5 reasons why Doctor Who Sucks

5 reasons why Doctor Who Sucks

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This article was written by Aviyan Khadka. The error in author names is due to migration from Wordpress to Blogger. Thanks

Doctor who is a disgrace to Si-Fi genre . It has one of the worst plots and in a scientific point of view , it makes no sense at all . Here are 5 reasons why it sucks :

  1. Daleks : Lets start with a major villain in the Doctor Who  universe , the Daleks . They are these supreme race in the universe that look like toilet plungers and whenever i watch them i feel like , "how does this look like a menacing creature ?" . They are slow as fuck and  have the most irritating sound . Just look at it .dalek256
  2. Sonic Screwdriver : Doctor Who must have the laziest writers of all time because they were like , "If its from outer space , who gives a shit ? " . They don't even explain how it works . Its just a device that gives a light that can fix and open anything . Make some goddamn sense . They could have made this alien device that uses complex algorithm to do things but FUCK IT , just shine a light. sonic_screwdrivers_by_cosmicthunder-d46bbej.png
  3. Psychic Paper  : This must be one of the most ridiculous thing ever to come up in this genre . A papers that shows  you whatever the situation desires . It would be more interesting to see how the doctor gets things done with with logic and this mental skills than just telling people that he's got a thing to escape it .Psychic_paper_DW_Shakespeare_Code.jpg
  4. Time Travel  : Time travel can be one of the most interesting plots when use properly and can spawn millions of theories based on that time travel story but Doctor Who shits all over it . He fucks up so many earth timelines but when asked why can't you fix your own planet's timeline , he's like fucking up the timeline is bad . Use your damn mind doctor .maxresdefault (2)
  5. Lazy and stupid writing  : Doctor who had so much potential , "A man travelling through space and time saving the world " but the lame ass plot lines , stupid and laughable villains design and lack of logic and reason made it a really stupid show that should just stop .


Si-Fi epics like Star Trek and Star Wars understand what they want to focus on and go with it . Star Trek gives the audience the technical details on how things in space work and star wars never touches the technical babble and only focus on the story and revolves around it . But Doctor who tries to give everything at once and fails miserably at it . It doesn't have a boundary between logic and fantasy .

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