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Is War good for the World ?

Is War good for the World ?

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This article was written by Aviyan Khadka. The error in author names is due to migration from Wordpress to Blogger. Thanks

Ever since human beings evolved in this world they always had a thing for violence .
They always fought for something either power or food or something that is totally irrelevant to them . We are born violent creatures . There have been certain instance in human history where massive casualties could have been avoided if some important people had gathered in a room and discussed the situation . Lots of people believe that if you want to achieve something in life you have to fight for it.

Vickers_machine_gun_crew_with_gas_masksBut the question to be discussed here is , "Is war a good thing?"

Lets start with the two major wars that have occurred : World War 1 and World War 2 ,

In the First world war over 38 million people died but during that time we achieved some of the greatest scientific inventions that changed the course of history .

Sanitary Towels and Napkins were invented during the first world war . We use these things every day in our life to clean our body. The First gas masks which looked like Halloween masks were invented during the war to get protection from poison gas but now we use it for various purposes . Tanks , submarines , aircraft and  aircraft carriers  were heavily used in the war . The Telecommunication sector advanced due to the war  . Cameras were also used during the war . Blood banks were established to provide blood to wounded soldiers and civilians and also mobile x-rays were developed to take x-rays to patients on the spot rather than the hospital . Stainless steel was developed to combat rust .

achievementsThese are some of the inventions that owe their credit to First world war  and similarly the second world war had a massive impact on the science and technology sector . From Nuclear power to cure to penicillin to space travel to the jerrycan , world was two was like a revolution for science and technology . The rapid speed in which the innovations grew brought so many new things to this world . We would't have reached to this atomic age if it wasn't for the rapid innovations that happened during the war  .

Scientific renaissance apart there were a lot of social and political ideology's that came into play during these war . Capitalism , Communism , Fascism and Socialism were competing on which was the better idea . Social issues like Racism , Mass Murder , Misuse of power were key issues in these wars and from it we hqdefault have learned a lot about ourselves and the human society . If it wasn't for world war 2 USA might still be in a massive recession . The Economic and Social Polices introduced after these periods have had a massive impact on the economy and not to forget about population control.

war-good-for-few-bad-for-mostSo , Is war a benefit for mankind ? well that depends on how you look at it , If death of massive individuals for rapid scientific , political and economic development is good then war is good otherwise its just   savagery .

It's your view that matters .


  1. Advances in science are made during peace time as well. I think the author needs to spend some time on the battlefield to gain perspective. Let's see if his opinion changes then.

  2. war is good or not depends upon a person's perspective of war . If someone is a rich business man who benefits from war then its good for him but for a poor person , dying for a worthless cause is not worth it

  3. Well your perception on war is really bad sir ! Plus, your grammar is so bad !


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